The challenge is to come up with a list of books you’ve heard others rave about — books you’ve always agreed you *should* read — but that you’ve continually put off reading “until later”.

Now is the time to get those books read!


* You can choose books that you’ve recently heard of IF a bunch of people are raving about how good it is, and how everyone should read it.

* Your list has to have at least 3 books on it. Of course, you can make it much longer than just 3 books. But, you could also just read 3. That’s up to you.

* Yes, your list of books can overlap with other challenges.

* There are no limitations on genre… you can read fiction, nonfiction, religious, secular, etc.

* Audiobooks and E-books ARE allowed

* Your list can change at any time, but the books you add still have to be “raved about” reads

* You do not have to physically own the books on your list — you can add books that you’re going to borrow/buy, too! (I sure have/am!)

* You can join the challenge any time, even if it’s past June 30/08. Just leave a comment on the “Coming Soon!” post.

* You may count ONE book from your list that you finished before the June 30/08 start-date.

* You can continue to add to your list as the challenge progresses, but it must fit with the other rules (above).



3 responses to “About

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  2. I am interested. How do you get the code for the button or do you cut and paste it in? Judy

  3. Judy — I just right-click on the picture and save it to my files, and then upload it via whatever blogging system you’re using (Blogger, WordPress). You can copy and paste, too. That usually works. 😉

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